sweetycaty.com is all about shapewear. With new materials and approach, shapewear niche is on the rise. Women future of underwear, shapes your body to the shape you want. 

the story behind the purchase

We wanted to check how to work with Amazon. so we bought this website which included only 2-3 posts in it with some Amazon affiliate in each post. 

what happen after purchase?

We found out most of the Amazon product links was out of stock which made these 2-3 posts irrelevant meaning all of this purchase was a waste. 

how did we recover?

We started working on our original plans for this website.We added more then 20 unique product reviews for Amazon best sellers of this niche and we are adding one new post each month to keep this website live and kicking. 2 month after the purchase we decided that there are to many Amazon links so we replace some of them with Google Adsense ads and the income rises. 

sell Includes

and all of it's assets


Sell includes sweetycaty.com. when sell process will start we will transfer the domain name to your ownership


For faster transfer, We will offer you to stay in the same hosting company we use but of course you are able to transfer the websites files where you want

Social Media Presence

Sweetycaty has a Facebook fan page which will be transferred to you as a part of the sale. You can look at the page here.

The main use of this fan page was to test traffic behavior on the website. One of this test results was that we need to change Amazon ads ratio to profit more from this website.


This website has about 40 unique product reviews for Amazon best sellers in the Shapewear niche.

Affiliate & adsense

The website incomes channels are Amazon and Google Adsense.

content writing

We will transfer all the needed knowledge to keep fresh content onsite along with our content writing contact information. 



Team Member Photo

Google adsense

Works with very powerful ad’s plugin, gives you the ability to insert ads almost everywhere

amazon affiliate program

the website has both pure dog content and dog product related. we choose Amazon as the affiliate program. website includes native ads and text links to ensure good looking website across all devices.



You can cut and reduce some of these expenses if you are whiling to do some of these yourself.

  • Domain - - - - - - - - >1$/mo (paid yearly)
  • Hosting - - - - - - - - > 7$/mo
  • Content Writing - -> 10$/mo

Total Monthly Costs : 18$

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