Semi Automated website. we wanted to check the power of WordPress using automated plugins.

the story behind the purchase

This is our first touch in the cannabis market. we choose this website because of it’s unique design and automated abilities.  

what happen after purchase?

The website design was for 3 different elements. coffeeshop, shop and a blog. since we don’t run any coffeeshop (we want but we don’t 🙂 )we needed to shape things a little and to remove any coffeeshop part.

What so special about this website ?

This is a Semi automatic website which means content is being imported and published automatically. different system spins the content before publish and another system ads internal links. The shop includes Amazon products that been imported from website. The system fetches the product description and spin it for making it unique. the customer leaves the website only for the checkout process at Amazon

sell Includes

and all of it's assets



Sell includes when sell process will start we will transfer the domain name to your ownership


For faster transfer, We will offer you to stay in the same hosting company we use but of course you are able to transfer the websites files where you want


Social Media Presence

No social presence at the moment which means you have a lot of place to grow



The website uses automated tools to import,spin and add internal links so content is never a problem

Affiliate & adsense

The main income source of the website is it’s Amazon shop. you will have the ability to import products as you like directly to the website including spinned product description Since this website uses aggregated content, we can not use Google Adsense so we operated Content.Ad instead. 



Works with very powerful ad’s plugin, gives you the ability to insert ads almost everywhere

amazon affiliate program

the website includes Amazon affiliate shop using Woocommerce plugin and WooZone plugin which gives you the ability to import the products you want at the shop.



You can cut and reduce some of these expenses if you are whiling to do some of these yourself.

  • Domain - - - - - - - - >1$/mo (paid yearly)
  • Hosting - - - - - - - - > 4$/mo

Total Monthly Costs : 5$

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