The use of a proxy server will be always with us. there always be people who need to hide their writing or existing in the inherent and the competition is very low.

what happen after purchase?

We changed the website entirely but we kept all pages and link for not loosing the pages seniority over the internet. We added more then 10 languages  for the main page. we added more information avout proxy servers and VPN services.

sell Includes

and all of it's assets



Sell includes when sell process will start we will transfer the domain name to your ownership


For faster transfer, We will offer you to stay in the same hosting company we use but of course you are able to transfer the websites files where you want



This is an Information website regarding Proxy servers and best VPN available by country and by platform.

Affiliate & adsense

the website income channels are  Google Adsense and various affiliate programs for VPN services.



Google adsense

Works with very powerful ad’s plugin, gives you the ability to insert ads almost everywhere

vpn services affiliate program

the website collects the best VPN by country and by platform. each VPN service contains affiliate link to it’s supplier.



You can cut and reduce some of these expenses if you are whiling to do some of these yourself.

  • Domain - - - - - - - - >1$/mo (paid yearly)
  • Hosting - - - - - - - - > 3$/mo

Total Monthly Costs : 4$

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