The future of drones is here! all the information about commercial drone uses is onsite. this website include lots of income channels available to start working with. Read the story behind this purchase and what we made to make this better and more profitable. 

the story behind the purchase

We choose this store (yes it was a store before…) because we wanted to learn all the Pros & Cons of a drop shipping business. it included connection to a drop ship supplier which works with Ali express  and several other buying websites like it.

what happen after purchase?

We needed to spend the money for the purchase just to understand that there is nothing special in this store and it’s the same story as most drone drop shpp stores available online….

What we did to make it better

First we deleted all the products we had at the shop. then we deleted the shop plugins and addon’s. After a small research, we found that commercial drone information website can be a very nice subject and we added some features like a service directory which includes 300 services providers already.

sell Includes

and all of it's assets

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Sell includes  when sell process will start we will transfer the domain name to your ownership


For faster transfer, We will offer you to stay in the same hosting company we use but of course you are able to transfer the websites files where you want

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Sell includes which includes more then 300 Drone Services providers contact details.

there are a lot of business opportunities  that you build around this directory and we will more then happy to assist you with it.



All content is unique! To make this website progress on Google we are Adding 1 article each month (~1,000 word count).

Affiliate & adsense

content is well organized in categories . the website use both Google Adsnese and 2 other affiliate programs (read below)



Google adsense

Works with very powerful ad’s plugin, gives you the ability to insert ads almost everywhere

DJI affiliate program

DJI is one of the leading drones manufacturer espcially when it comes to commercial and professional drones.

PARROT affiliate program

Parrot is one of the leading drones manufacturer. you can see a lot of parrot racing drones in the market but in this website we are offering the Agriculture drone and the inspection drone. 



You can cut and reduce some of these expenses if you are whiling to do some of these yourself.

  • Domain - - - - - - - - >1$/mo (paid yearly)
  • Hosting - - - - - - - - > 5$/mo
  • Content Writing - -> 10$/mo

Total Monthly Costs : 16$

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