Our first investment! we needed an easy way into website brokering so we decided Dogs will be a nice and convenient niche to start with.  Visitos are not much demending for quality content and mostly will look for adorable puppies pictures and videos which we have a lot at this website.

the story behind the purchase

We choose this website because it had 2 Facebook fan pages with 180,000 followers who produced 1,000 visits a day. In the other hand the website wasn’t even indexed on Google and that fact alone was a great opportunity to develop much more traffic.

what happen after purchase?

A week after the purchase we fall into a phishing scam which eventually made us lost our fan pages and all the traffic from Facebook was gone….Facebook did nothing…


how did we recover?

Yes it was very sad and we were very angry mostly because of Facebook didn’t do anything but, we are looking for profits so plan B…We started working on the SEO , Design and promoting this website on Google. We also opened a new Facebook fan page which now includes more then 4,500 real followers and brings ~100 visitors daily to the website.

sell Includes

and all of it's assets



Sell includes when sell process will start we will transfer the domain name to your ownership


For faster transfer, We will offer you to stay in the same hosting company we use but of course you are able to transfer the websites files where you want


Social Media Presence

Dogmessenger has 4,500 followers Facebook fan page which will be transferred to you as a part of the sale. You can look at the page here.


As for Facebook operations, we use paid system to schedule posts.  you can choose any other system to operate this.



This website has more then 1,100 posts!

Affiliate & adsense

content is well organized in categories with 5 different “buying” categories – each post in these categories will include Amazon affiliate codes. content posts will include Google Adsense ads code

content writing

We will transfer all the needed knowledge to keep fresh content onsite along with our content writing contact information. 



Google adsense

Works with very powerful ad’s plugin, gives you the ability to insert ads almost everywhere

amazon affiliate program

the website has both pure dog content and dog product related. we choose Amazon as the affiliate program. website includes native ads and text links to ensure good looking website across all devices.



You can cut and reduce some of these expenses if you are whiling to do some of these yourself.

  • Domain - - - - - - - - >1$/mo (paid yearly)
  • Hosting - - - - - - - - > 11$/mo
  • PostPlanner - - - - - > 3$/mo
  • Content Writing - -> 10$/mo

Total Monthly Costs : 25$

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