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General idea

Zedko was founded on the idea that internet entities can be treated like "real estate" assets but with much more benefits and profits than the real world assets.

working with such a perspective at assets such as websites, apps & Saas systems can gain long term profits using just small amounts of money. 

internet website as assets ? what it means?

Like all good things this is also very simple to understand. think about a website as a house you bought for investment. You Probably will want to fix the house a little or build more rooms all of these just to increase monthly rental payment. 

Same goes here. we buy a website who already works and have existing traffic and incomes while we recognize opportunities to increase incomes in it. you will be able to read about our work for each listing we are offering.

Our specialization

Everyone can buy and sell internet assets. Our specialization is to find the right assets that will give the best incomes to its investor, we do that by first buying the asset ourselves showing our trust in the asset and then starting working on it to improve it’s entity online and increase monthly profits. 

The end of this process is putting the asset for sale so others can enjoy it’s profit. 

Why you are not keeping them ?

we hold all the internet assess we offer, but one of our company goals is to increase business capacity all the time. this can happen only by leveraging our investments so when time comes to make our portfolio bigger we will usually sell one of our assets to fund it.    

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